South Dakota High School Seniors are eligible to apply for our college scholarships. The SD JCI Senate selects deserving winners via a selection committee.


SD JCI Scholarship recipients are forwarded on to be judged for a chance to win a scholarship through the US JCI Senate.  It is easy to apply!


1. Download the application at


2. Submit the completed scholarship to the South Dakota JCI Senate Scholarship chairperson Kristie Hackley, 1000 N. West Avenue Suite 410, Sioux Falls, SD 57104  by the deadline date listed on the application.


The deadline to apply for the

SD JCI Senate scholarship is:

January 14, 2022.


Return the favor is a program where INDIVIDUALS are recognized for their mentoring and assisting the SD Jaycee chapters.   

In 2018-1019 they were awarding a state award also.   We are PROUD that the SD JCI Senate received the Year End state of the year.   Thank you to all senators that helped achieve this award.